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TSC'FIre Dampers are provided on air/ gas ducts to control flow under normal circumstances and to isolate areas connected by duct from the fire affected area.

Dampers are manufactured with single flap/ multilouvers. The louvers are connected through suitable linkage to a controlling actuating device, such as electrical actuator / solenoid valve / pneumatic cylinder / fusible link. Louver / flap shaft are provided with bearings with greasing facility to enable smooth rotation.

Louvers / flaps are made of mild steel. The louvers /flaps are designed in the form of a box and are sandwiched with 'high grade Insulating material which can withstand 98e C for period of 90 minutes, conform to UL - 565, thereby acting as effective barrier In closed position to the flame path between air duct and fire effected area.

The shape of the louver / flap Is somewhat complex in nature for multifold purposes :

a) The complex shape reduces the leakage factor considerably.
b) Fire exposed surfaces are backed-up by Insulating material.
C) Due to special Insulating material, the strength of the louver / flap is retained at high
    temperature, thereby reducing the possibility of leakages.
d) The shape provided, enables thermal expansion of the louver / flap
    without affecting sealing areas.

Linkage provided with spring return device for positive shut-off pressure on each louver flap, enabling reduction In leakage factor.

Z sections are provided at mating surfaces are designed to create a heavy pressure drop during leakage, because the air gas has to take two sharp right angle turns. This gives a low leakage factor during damper~ operation.

The sealing efficiency of damper Is 98 % approximately on cross sectional area.